Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Please allow me to introduce myself

I realise that all I’ve posted prior to this is essentially a big fat boast about my trip across the pond last year.

I must admit I wasn’t sure about this whole blogging malarkey. My lack of ‘stickability’ (I’m not even sure that’s a real word, but I like it), coupled with the fact that trolls scare me and I’m not sure I want strangers reading what I write, suggest that my attempts to join the blogosphere are doomed to fail.

I’ve found, from joining several social networking sites, that it’s incredibly difficult to encapsulate one’s entire personality in a few short sentences, that is unless that someone has the personality of a brick. Here’s hoping I don’t…

Let me begin with an extract from a very long piece I wrote at university and inaccurately called my ‘memoirs’. I think it pretty much sums up my entire university existence.

“So I wonder if 2am the morning of the exam is an appropriate hour to begin my revision. Probably not the best idea but my sleeping pattern has recently become very peculiar. I have been going to bed at 4pm and waking up at 1am fully conscious and ready to work. The only logical thing to do, then, is work when I feel like it. The problem is that I then feel like going to bed at ridiculous times in the morning such as 8am.

After having not slept all night Sunday, I took my English exam on Monday morning running on large amounts of very strong black coffee, before collapsing in a state of near comatose at about 1pm. Anyway, enough about my warped sleeping pattern and back to work I go…”

At university I was very much a ‘clock-watcher,’ hence all of the times written in that excerpt and the fact that I couldn’t sleep was, of course, no excuse for starting my revision that morning. How on earth I managed to get the grade I did (which wasn’t a first… but it wasn’t a 2:2 either) is beyond me. But I did and that’s that. Here's a little about me...
  • I’m taller than some and shorter than most.
  • I favour films over television and books over magazines.
  • I’ve been described by many as ‘formidable’ and I’m still not sure how to take it.
  • My favourite word is ‘lucrative’ – for phonetic and connotative reasons.
  • My favourite film is ‘Django Unchained,’ band is Queen, song is ‘Hotel California’ and book is ‘The Silver Brumby.’
  • My favourite animal is a horse, although if I had to be an animal I’d be a wolf.
  • I have a very eclectic music taste (isn’t that what most people say to try and sound exciting and different?)
  • The bane of my life is text speak… I also hate the fact that ‘text’ has become a verb, I’m not entirely sure why.
  • I suppose I should include the fact that I love travel, although I wouldn't exactly say I'm a seasoned traveller.
Anyway I think I'll stop there for now as it turns out I do have the personality of a brick and I could have just put all of that in the 'about me' section. If you’ve reached the end of this ramble then I commend you, if not, well then I can write anything I like about you and you won't see it.

I shall resume at a later date to talk about Bruges. So there’s that to look forward to. I suppose I'll try and post once every two weeks or just when I have anything to say that I think might interest you people. Just to warn y'all, I'll probably refer to California, a lot.

I have also yet to think of a witty sign off, so for now I shall end by saying: ‘spk l8r xx’